We promote welfare technology

Welfare technology contributes to preventive health interventions that are compatible with the approaches and practices of different health care departments. There is a growing focus on how to support health initiatives in the future with various forms of welfare technology and digitalisation. The goal is to provide care and care and efforts in a more efficient and high-quality way to future care recipients. We welcome partners who share our values ​​to spread their products, innovations and solutions in the region.

  • We work not only to help distribute products for wellness technology, but through our deep understanding of the region's cultures, we can lead producers to solutions that suit the needs of people and healthcare authorities.

  • By equipping private homes, hospitals and public places, we contribute to the use of welfare technology means to help people live independently and health and social services to increase the quality of their services and reduce their expenses.

We train and educate

We believe that It is not possible to achieve any quality of services for  elderly and people with special needs in  home care sector, and the implementation of daily assistance tasks unless you have professional and highly qualified health caregivers who can perform their role with flexibility, independence and self-confidence. 

Advanced home care service is based on a basic principle of professional and continuous training to qualify a generation of health caregivers who can implement there daily tasks with clear standards. Therefore, it is imperative that we invest our experience and our ability to create high-quality education and training content for anyone who wants to build a professional healthcare team in the sector.

  • Our list of educational programs is varied to cover everything that can affect everyday life for the elderly and people with special needs.

    According to our understanding, the importance of education and training is equal in movement, activation, medicine, food, mental health, management methods and rehabilitation, as they all constitute elements that increase the quality of life for the elderly and people with special needs.

  • We offer mixed learning that includes the use of digital platforms (e-learning, simulation, assessment portals / groups), face-to-face training (individual and group) and product training.

Platform for everyone

Sixtyzone.com is a platform, which covers MENA region, provides arabic speakers with daily assistive tools/equipment as well as vocational training and education programs, along with practical solutions via wellness technology equipment to improve knowledge, freedom of movement and quality of care for the elderly to achieve our vision of dignified care for the elderly and people with special needs.

  • Your understanding of the assistive equipment used to mitigate the effects of physical changes caused by aging or disability has a significant impact on how much independence you will have in the future. The platform provides these tools to help you to be independent in your surrounding envirnoment

  • All products offered by the platform are carefully selected according to the required standards, and they cover the needs of the elderly and people with special needs in their indoor and outdoor environment.

Do you have a product for the elderly or people with special needs that you want to distribute in the region?


Initial evaluation

We provide our potential partners with a base of information about the types of target customers and the potential for success for products in the region.


Entry strategies

We help to develop the scenarios and strategies required to enter the market or expand it based on data from objective analyzes.


Implementation help

We put our ability and experience into the implementation of the established strategies and provide the necessary tools to achieve sustainable growth.


Innovative distribution

Selling products directly can achieve some of your growth, but developing appropriate and innovative indirect methods to distribute your product will certainly increase this share.