Enjoy a flexible education & training!

We develope skilles & comptances in healthcare sector.

By providing a set of programes in professional areas such as nursery, elderly care, psychiatry, LLS, we are contrubuting in enhancment of services quality in the field. We offer specialization at polytechnic level for professionals. We train both professional & non-professionals to gain competences that make them more suitble for thies roles, We train a spectrum of professions such personale assistants,  nurses and contact persons  in homecare sector, 

Our programs

Choose between our established educational and training programs or contact us to tailor an educational or training program to suit your team's needs.


Educational work with children and young people

1- Working with children in vulnerable positions.

2- Neuropedagogy as a tool in pedagogical work.

3- Mentalization in care and relationship work.

4- Early detection children in vulnerable positions.

5- Neuropedagogical efforts in pedagogical work.

6-The baby's first 1000 days.

7- Children and adolescents with anxiety.

8- Worked as dayliy nursing care.

9- Working with premature babies.

Health and nursing tasks in the hospital system

1- Clinical assignments in general practice.

2- Wound treatment, wounds requiring treatment.

3-Internship supervisor.

4- Aging with intellectual disability.

5- Oral health of the elderly.

6- ADHD and ASD.

7- Affective  diagnosis.

8- Work environment and stress.

9- Arthrosis and Osteoporsis.

10- Working with infection distribution in care (COVID-19)

11- Meeting people with confusion, anxiety or depression.  

12- To cooperate in team.

13- Dementia Education - IN-DEPTH.

14- Fall and fall prevention.

15- Acquired barain damage.

Elderly care, nursing and health under municipal auspices

1- Dementia 1

2- Dementia 2

3- Wound care, participation in wound care.

4- Participation in medication administration.

5- Working environment in the nursing work - ethics and behavior.

6- Appreciative communication in the care work.

7- Grief and crisis work in the care and pedagogical area.

8- Documentation and professional management in Common Language.

9- Collaboration with relatives.

10-Comperhensive training for social and health assistants.

Social psychiatry and physical / mental disability

1- Working with the mentally ill with abuse.

2- Working with low affective methods - Low Arousal.

3- Dementia 2

4- IN-DEPTH knowledge of intellectual disability. 

5-Psychiatric diagnoses in LSS.

6- Schizophrenia.

7- Violence in dementia disease.

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