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We provide programs with high practical solutions via efficient equipment and welfare technology combined with professional education and training in a mission to improve accessibility, freedom of movement, knowledge and quality of care for the elderly and people with special needs.

Join us on our journey towards a more equal world for all

We at Nordic Home Care Solutions know that a hand, no matter how strong, can not clap alone. Therefore, we try, through our broad network of partners, to implement our vision and our goal to create an equal world for all seniors and people with special needs. That is why we welcome all possible partnerships that share our vision of a equal world for all, regardless of the mental and physical challenges they face.

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Business units

We believe that the provision of integrated services is what enables the elderly and people with special needs to continue an active lifestyle. That is why we work to find solutions, and we continue to search for services and products that increase health, mobility and quality of life and reduce the risk of accidents among the elderly and people with special needs through our range of services.

Welfare technology

Our company is actively involved in pushing for the development of digital aids in the field of home care in the Arab region by providing the best solutions and services based on high technology to improve our customers' ability to provide new, more efficient and effective models for care and care in the social environment. This connected approach helps to provide the right level of proactive support to deliver services that are appropriate for the future.


Education and Training

We provide academic education, training and counseling for home care providers that promote an advanced home care culture and high quality products that help people over 60 and people with special needs to live an independent, active life.

In addition to our specialization in education and training within the health field, we offer a range of specialized courses in the social and educational fields and organize courses to raise efficiency and skills and improve the level of comprehensive knowledge in theory and practice. Do you have a specific need for a training course for your employees? We help you design and implement special courses that suit your educational need.




Sixtyzone.com is the first comprehensive and integrated platform in the Middle East that serves people over sixty and people with special needs, and offers more than two thousand carefully selected products with EU quality and standards. Every year, two thousand new products will be added to the platform, which will cover the entire region starting from Dubai.



Campaign video for the launch of the Sixtyzone platform 2021 in the Middle East.

Al-Ghad TV coverage of the launch of the first platform for the elderly and people with special needs in the Middle East.

We are official organaizer of ACCESSABILITY EXPO DUBAI 2022

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